Singapore Corporate Gifts Supplier

Corporate gifts are a great Marketing Mix tool for any company to show its consideration and loyalty to its clients and employees. In simple words, a gift is offered to selected recipients by the firm. It’s a token of appreciation and goodwill, can be a tangible gift or even intangible ones like a vacation to the recipient or a cruise.

In Singapore, corporate gifts have been a major way of creating an image of the company and as such we will be discussing Recipients of gifts, how to find the right Singapore corporate gifts supplier.

corporate gifts

Recipients of corporate gifts

Basically involves all those who share a business interest with the company or have business relationships.

  • Within the company- to employees; for encouragement and loyalty with the corporation
  • Outside the company- to clients; appreciation for supporting the company

Right Singapore corporate gifts supplier

Foremost is to research all available options online and offline in the vicinity of the location in Singapore, and then there are certain things to make sure for;

  • Timely arrival to the recipient
  • After sales support, if needed
  • History of the supplier and reviews
  • Volume discounts
  • Contract pricing, no hidden fees
  • Simple tracking and reporting of orders
  • Guarantee in the Purchase order
  • Samples; for certain gifts like food items

Apart from these above, make sure about the legality and legitimacy of the Singapore corporate gifts supplier, as a sharp increase in economic crime in Singapore has been reported lately.